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11 August 2009

::stroller junkyard::

Our living room entry hall has become a stroller junkyard. At the moment, we have four different working strollers lined up--and we really only use ONE everyday.

What's even worse? I RE-PURCHASED the Phil & Teds Vibe stroller for the twins because I can't seem to find a better double stroller for everyday use. See my previous post "return to sender." I still don't like the terribly sensitive brake button. But I do like the fact that it folds easily (once I figured out how!) and that it is even lighter than the Maclaren Twin Triumph (an umbrella stroller). I LOVE the fact that it is easily cleanable -- just wipe it down with baby wipe at the end of the day and it is nice and clean for the next day.

I took all three kids to the zoo with the Mountain Buggy Double last week. O stood on the detachable Buggy Board Maxi and the twins hung out happily in their comfy seats. The big clunker successfully negotiated bumpy sidewalks without much fuss.

As for O's Bugaboo Chameleon -- I just haven't gotten up the courage to get rid of it. She is almost too big for it, but the sentimental value is priceless.