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26 March 2008

::livie + luca::

Wow, it's been a while since my last post. O and I have been out and about enjoying the weather (albeit it's not all that much warmer). She has been walking and running everywhere, and growing like a weed. As of last week, she has outgrown all of her See Kai Run shoes. Sigh...

The good thing is, I have a terrific backup. I bought her a pair of Livie and Luca shoes (in orange!) from an Union Station kiosk a while ago. They are sized a little larger, so they fit her expanding feet quite well. To boot, the flexible rubber sole and kid leather upper are sooo soft...excellent for our "stumbler."

11 March 2008

::more shoes::

During our music class today, I saw a little girl wearing iWalk shoes by Bobux. I introduced Bobux baby shoes a while ago on this blog. The rubber-soled iWalk and iWalk Junior shoes are new products that are geared towards beginning walkers and older toddlers. The soft leather shoes have cushioned insole and velcro closures. One caution regarding velcro--it is easy for the toddler to take off the shoe by him/herself. If you can keep the little hands from playing with the hook-and-closure mechanism, the shoes will stay on the feet with no problem.

Bobux is a little pricey when compared to Pediped or See Kai Run shoes. We'll have to test them out once O has outgrown her SKRs.

07 March 2008

::touchy feely::

Miss O is very interested in touching and feeling things with her fingers these days. Sometimes the item finds its way into her mouth; but more often than not, she is happy with holding it in her hands.

For her birthday, our friends J & B gave her a couple of books from the Touch and Feel series of children's books published by Dorling Kindersley (DK). O adores them. So like any overly indulgent parent, I promptly went to the book superstore for the rest of the series.

Each boardbook is made up of five pages. Each page has a touch-and-feel patch of a distinct texture and/or color. Some are fuzzy, some are scaly and some are shiny. O loves to touch and scratch the various textures with her fingers. She also enjoys looking at the pictures associated with each texture--albeit the graphics maybe a little simple and not very exciting to us adults.

If your son/daughter is around the same age as O (14 months), he/she may find these books irresistible as well.