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26 December 2008


I have forgotten how foul baby formula is. Since C1 has sensitive stomach (ironically C2 has an iron stomach!), we had to switch from Similac to Earth's Best Organic. Not only is there a price difference (although not so much on Diapers.com), the smells are different as well.

With Similac, the twins smelled like...well, baby formula. With EBO, they smell like sour milk...ALL THE TIME! I could bathe them everyday and they still end up smelling like fermented dairy within an hour. Of course it doesn't help that they are spit-up machines!

Today, as Architectdad and I braved the post-holiday shopping crowd and visited the mall, we discovered some alcohol-free fragrances for babies at the Jacadi store. Specially formulated for babies ages 0 to 2, alcohol-free Jacadi eau de senteur for Babies is hypoallergenic to baby’s delicate skin. The smell is light and not at all powdery. We did not buy it this time. But if the stink gets really bad, we may have to try it.

18 December 2008


Since we now live in a bigger house, we need a bassinet downstairs for the twins while they are still young and sleepy. My friend V generously lent us her Gentle Motions Cariboo bassinet, which is working wonderfully.

The modern design doesn't clash with the furniture and the sturdy construction is strong enough even for two growing chubbies :-) You can even add an optional bassinet changer on top to maximize its utility. The Gentle Motions model also allows you to rock fussy babies to sleep without physically holding them.

Best of all, the bassinet fabric can be unzipped quickly and thrown in the washing machine with some OxyClean in case of projectile spit-ups!

03 December 2008


O was just reacquainted with her Auntie I during a recent visit. From the UK, auntie brought her some neat toys that are uniquely simple and green as well--each Rubbabu toy is made from natural rubber (coated in a velvety material) that is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Look for these squeezably fun toys from Amazon.com and Target.com.

30 November 2008

::dos and don'ts take two::

1. use Kate Quinn Organic long-sleeve kimono style onesies
2. use Swaddle Designs swaddling cloths
3. use Born Free bottles
4. use incline positioners if you have to simultaneous bottle feed twin babies
5. keep your cool even if both babies have pooped and are screaming to be fed at the same time!

1. use lapneck onesie--babies do not like clothing pulled over their heads
2. steal the swaddling blankets from the hospital--you don't know where they've been
3. use Adiri Natural Nurser bottles--they leak out of both ends and the flow is way too fast for newborns
4. feed the babies flat on their backs--it gives them gasssssss and makes them crankyyyyyyy
5. call your husband an "idiot" just because he forgot to turn the dishwasher on!

11 November 2008

::they're here::

I'm sure you've guessed by now--from my lack of posts--that our twins have arrived! C+C were born on Nov. 2nd at 12:18 PM and 12:19 PM via a scheduled c-section. They were 38-1/2 weeks in gestational age.

Both babies were born healthy and weighing in at 7 lbs each. Can you imagine??? Carrying 2 times the average-sized singleton baby??? Phew!

Now that I am no longer as big as a boat, the gawking has shifted towards the twins. Since architectdad and I are both germaphobes, it is taking all of our strength to stop ourselves from body blocking strangers from approaching our babies.

Our little O has been a curious and protective big sister. She is very proud to show off her new siblings, and is very worried when she sees one without the other. Let's hope the good will stays around :-)

28 October 2008

::i'm still here::

Just less than a week before the twins arrive. They are now 38 weeks old and about 7 lbs. each. Yes, that's right, I'm carrying a total of 14 lbs. of babies. Good news is, I can still see my foot bones and ankles...never mind that I waddle like a penguin...a really slow penguin.

We are pretty prepared for the babies' arrival, except we don't have a stroller yet. It is HARD to find a double stroller that is not the equivalent of the double wide trailer home. So far, the new Vibe stroller by Phil and Teds is the only acceptable model for architectdad and me.

With the additional doubles kit, it is possible to put two 3-month old babies (or once they are able to sit up assisted) in the stroller together. Otherwise, it's just one toddler/one baby or two toddlers. The brushed aluminum frame is lighter and way more attractive than the painted steel of the older models.

Like the Bugaboo strollers, you have the option of purchasing accessories such as footmuff and raincover for the the Vibe. There is even a bassinet attachment if you are using the stroller for just one baby.

18 September 2008

::bustin' out::

Oh boy...I can't even begin to describe how enormous my belly is. These days, if I turn sideways, most people are just plain ol' horrified (she's going to pop any second!), while others seem incredibly curious as to how much longer these little legs are able to support all that weight.

Whatever. At least I have not bought ONE STITCH of maternity clothes this time. Believe it. It is absolutely possible. During the summer, I relied on J Crew summer dresses to keep me cool. Now that there's a little chill in the air, I opted for some cotton jersey dresses by American Apparel.

I love the sleeveless tri-blend pleated pocket dress. It is stretchy and roomy through the waist; perfect for expanding bellies. Although, the dress is intended to be short, so I'd suggest pairing it with capri leggings for more coverage (as suggested by my not-so-subtle husband).

The fine jersey t dress is also an excellent choice. It even comes in 21 delicious colors. My favorite dress is the melange jersey sleeveless funnel neck shift dress. The classic "A" shift dress shape works well with ginorma-belly.

One piece of advice: get the XL size because the dresses run small.

Browse through the AA online store for a huge selection of clothing and accessories for women, men and kids, or visit a brick-and-mortar AA store in your city.

11 September 2008

::toasty booties::

Although it is only mid September, it is not too early to think about warmer footwear for your little one. If you are looking for some alternatives to the ubiquitous Ugg boots, there are plenty of modern styles from which to choose.

Toddler-shoe superstar, See Kai Run, now offers a couple of new fall/winter boot styles in suede and/or leather. Should you decide that the original leather lining is not warm enough for your climate, you may choose to replace it with a fuzzy faux fur lining for more insulation. To boot (pun intended), SKR now offers a baby line called Smaller and preschooler line called Eleven.
If you just want some furry accents, Morgan & Milo offers a faux fur trimmed suede boot that is to die for. For a more flexible style, Livie & Luca's new London boot is cute as a button.

For the snowy days, I recommend Aigle's Giboulee boots. Each pair is handcrafted from natural rubber and lined in warm fluffy polyester. The extra thick isolating insole is sure to to keep your child's feet safe and warm.

10 September 2008


Built NY, a design company that started out selling neoprene wine totes, has added the reusable Munchlers lunch bags to their home collection. A product of Built's joint collaboration with children's book illustrator, Stephen Savage, the Munchler's line is not only fun, but incredibly utilitarian. Each Munchler is easy to clean, easy to handle (for small hands) and it even unzips into a flat placemat.

You can purchase Munchlers directly from the Built NY website, or from Home Rule if you live in Washington, DC.

03 September 2008

::so this is what it was like::

You may have guessed, from my lack of postings, that I've been taking a vacation--a mental vacation that is. Since it is getting harder and harder for me to care for O by myself, we decided it was time to get a full-time nanny for her.

So in my spare time, I've returned to my books. So far, I am averaging two books a week. Non-fiction is still my preferred genre, but I've ventured a little into the world of historical fiction. I know, sounds a little scary, but it actually makes sense.

As a mom about to give birth to twins in two months, you'd think I wouldn't want to read a book about the history of botched-up midwifery and chauvinistic obstetric attitudes. Yet, I found it enormously interesting and informative. It hasn't changed my mind about how to bring my twins into the world (drug me up, cut me up, and sew me up!), but it certainly has opened my eyes to the different opinions of how other women think of the birthing process. I highly recommend "Birth" by Tiny Cassidy for those who are less squeamish.

From the other end of the spectrum, I highly recommend "The Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett. In a way, the book is factually informative because the author makes a point of describing life as it was in 12th Century Europe. But as a plus for me, the entire storyline centers around the building of a medieval cathedral. There are some common-sense inaccuracies (wool doesn't burn!!!), of course, but still entertaining nevertheless. There is one HUGE drawback though: the book is freaking looooooong!

08 August 2008

::live and learn::

I'm starting to panic a little bit. While I'm only 6 months pregnant, the impending day is looking dangerously close. So on a rampage, I finally ordered the nursery furniture and accessories all in one go.

I decided to forgo the Target/DwellStudios cribs due to low customer ratings. It was brought to my attention by Uncle M that Nurseryworks now makes a less expensive crib, the Loom Crib, for half the price of O's Aerial Crib. So we bought two cribs and the matching changing table. We also bought the gender neutral Lime/Noir Dottie bedding sets. The quality of Nurseryworks furniture is not perfect, but it is surely better than Target???

From Modern Nursery, I ordered the Happy Geese wall decal in lime/dk grey/lt grey. I also ordered a matching Tree decorative throw pillow in lime/grey. As for lighting, I ordered the Offi duckie lamp in white. Sooo cute...

Finally, my biggest offense of the day. I ordered another set of Candeloo night lights from Vessel! I know, I know, why didn't I learn?! Well, at only $39 (as opposed to $50 on other websites), I couldn't resist. More importantly, I also ordered spare batteries for O's old set to see if we can fix her pair with new parts. Fingers crossed.

Uncle M suggested the Karlstad chair and ottoman in place of the expensive Nurseryworks glider. Not bad, sort of an Eames-inspired lounge chair in grey fabric.

Now if I can only find inexpensive velvet curtains (to block out strong morning light) for the room...Uncle M????????

01 August 2008


For Architectdad's birthday, I bought two incredible floor seats for the George Michael concert. Yup, you are correct, GM of Wham! fame.

I gotta tell ya, it was fun! We were less than 100 feet from George and he was awesome. A little wrinkly around the edges, but nothing a little tuck and Botox can't fix. The dancing was still great, although the whole we were hoping he wouldn't throw out his hips or something worse.

I believe I even saw tear welling up in Architectdad's eyes :-) Of course everyone seemed very concerned about the hugely pregnant lady...I really think they thought "Faith" was going to send me to the hospital! Funny.

George asked the audience if we remember where we were in the 80's when Wham! toured in the U.S. He joked and said that most of us probably came to the concert with our parents. I never saw them in the 80's, but I would've been only 11! Good times...

28 July 2008

::gender bender::

So far, O's toy collection has been pretty much unisex. However, I ordered her a pair of baby dolls from American Girl last week to prepare her for the arrival of her new sister and brother. From the AG Bitty Baby collection, you can choose the "look" of your doll by choosing the hair, eye and skin color of the doll. I chose one that has dark hair and almond-shaped eyes--which incidentally looks a lot like O when she was a baby. A little creepy :-)

To balance out the gender spectrum (stereotypical, I know), we bought her some cars and trucks from the Playmobil 123 collection. Playmobil is a German company that also makes Lego-like toys that are suitable for kids 4+. The 123 collection, on the other hand, is a set specifically geared towards toddlers 1.5+. The play pieces are larger and smoother, yet they are still compatible with the classic Playmobil toys. So instead of replacing the 123 collection with the classic collection when O gets older, we can just add to what we already have. Excellent!

17 July 2008

::such a pill::

Pills are hard to take. Even for chow hounds like my beagles. I know, I haven't written about them in a while, but they're fortunately still very much a part of our daily lives.

Once in a while, the hounds need a little antibiotic to stave off infections associated with various ailments. It has always been a challenge to get them to swallow the tiny little pills. Usually, I wrap the pill in bread and shove the mess in the hound's mouth.

Now there is an even tastier alternative. The folks who invented the addictive Greenies treats now make Greenies Pill Pockets just for this purpose. They offer beef or chicken flavored pockets in two sizes for canines and felines. Check it out on Animal World Network (great prices).

16 July 2008

::big foot::

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. We are finally settled into our new place. We love all the extra space...feels like I can breath again. On the other hand, the twins are growing rapidly and they are definitely taking up some space in my lung cavity.

Well, at least I still have my ankles. I never got cankles (calf and ankle rolled into one) the first time around, but we shall see what happens this time. To alleviate some stress on my calves and stay cool, I am wearing only flat sandals.

I love sandals by Tory Burch. They are stylish, but more importantly, they are very comfortable. The soles also have a lot of traction, which makes it safe for us waddlers.

You can find Tory Burch footwear on the TB website or from department stores such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks.

Belated "happy birthday" to Architectdad, Miss V and Grand-papy!!!

27 June 2008

::land of no internet::

We just moved from our beloved apartment into our new home. My biggest fear was, of course, whether O will adjust to the new environment well. So far, she has been a champ--eating, sleeping and playing as she should. What's not to love?! More space to run around and more cabinets to explore!

Me, however, has been disconnected to the Internet for almost a week! Right now, I'm sneaking in an online moment on Architectdad's wireless connection. The cable guy was supposed to be here an hour ago, but there is still no sign of him. I could do without TV, no problem. But being in the land of no Internet has been rough...

In any case, a bit of good news. We had our 20-week anatomical sono scan last week. Everything is on target and the babies are doing well. We also found out the sex of the kinders...drum roll please...A GIRL AND A BOY!!! We are so very lucky.

09 June 2008

::thank goodness for target::

Being a first-born, O has more designer "things" than me and Architectdad combined. Her nursery is decorated with Nurseryworks furniture and bedding. However, when we found out we are having twins, brands such as Target and Ikea immediately came to mind.

Simple, yet passably modern is what we were aiming for. Ikea has inexpensive cribs, but they really look and feel inexpensive. So we turned to Target. As most of you know, Target is a magnet for established designers who are looking to break into the mass market. Dwell Studio has also partnered with Target to bring us inexpensive, yet chic nursery furniture and bedding.

The only hiccup is the items are only sold online. Can't really see it in person to check out the quality for real. Check it out online anyway...you'll be pleasantly surprised.

28 May 2008


It comes as no surprise that Architectdad and I are moving our family to a larger home. The downside is...moving. The upside is...redecorating!

Since O's present obsession is fish, I found the perfect wall decals for her new room. The design, called "Lucky Koi" is by Mel Lim for Blik Surface Graphics. Love the Cherry Blossom sub-theme...O will love it too...judging from her pose atop a pile of blossom petals. You can choose from three preset color combinations; or if you're daring, you can even choose from Blik's custom palette.

As for the twins, I haven't decided on the theme. But I think Blik might be in their future.

23 May 2008


Today is my 36th birthday! It occurred to me that I am now closer to 40 than 30. It's no wonder they call my "condition" Advanced Maternal Age.

Architectdad took the day off today so we can spend some quality time together. We took O to the National Zoo. The weather is clear and sparkling. Tons of kids there, but it's to be expected :-)

Our friend V is kind enough to volunteer to babysit tonight; so Architectdad and I have a date to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I know, I'm a dork. But wouldn't you pay $10 to see if Harrison Ford can still make those cross-canyon jumps???

21 May 2008

::o deary adiri::

I can't believe I am thinking about buying baby bottles again. After all of my woes with the Vice Versa bottles, I have decided not to use them for the twins. After some research, I am leaning towards these awesome BPA-free bottles by Adiri.

The Adiri bottles are attractive in that 1) the nipple shape closely resembles real breasts, 2) the petal vent reduces colic and 3) the polycarb-free, BPA-free material is dish washer safe. Each bottle even comes with a sleek cover that prevents leakage and contamination during transport.

The bottles come in three stages/flow rates: slow (0-3 mo.), medium (3-6 mo.) and fast (6+ mo.). The price point is a little high at $12.99/bottle, so it is definitely a splurge.

Search for Adiri retailers on the Adiri website.

13 May 2008

::BPA or no BPA::

Geez...are you as confused about the whole BPA controversy as I am??? Doris, if you are reading this, could you please give us your educated (chem eng) opinion and shed some light on this matter?

In any case, if you would rather err on the safe side, there are plenty of BPA-free products out there for you to choose from. You are probably pretty familiar with the Born Free line of products. My only gripe with the BF bottles is that the silicone sippy spout craps out after a couple of months of use and starts to leak everywhere. Spilt milk is NOT pretty...SMELLY!!!

Another brand of BPA-free bottles is Green to Grow. The brand only offers baby bottles--no changeable sippy spouts available. Think Baby, on the other hand, offers both baby bottles and sippy cups. Best of all, you can wash the TB bottles in the top shelf of the dishwasher.

My favorite, is The Safe Sippy stainless steel drink cup. This cup is so high-tech I don't know what to do with myself. From the straw-shaped sippy spout, to the stainless steel cup, to the thermo plasticized rubber (TPR) sleeve...it is truly unique. O is definitely gettin' some of that!

07 May 2008

::jcrew maternity::

No, J Crew doesn't make maternity clothes...yet. However, the current women's styles are great for expectant moms who maintain their regular clothing size, but need just a little extra room in the belly region. Empire-waisted dresses, A-line trapeze tops and ballerina flats are perfect alternatives to unattractive, ill-proportioned maternity clothes.

During our morning jaunt to J Crew this morning, V and I bought some pretty summer dresses for the season. I bought a few empire-waisted, beach cover-ups that are my regular size but are plentiful in the belly area. Hopefully, the quality holds up and I can still wear them next year after the twins are born. Here's to hoping!

30 April 2008

::boon again::

The boon people have done it again. This design-savvy company has now ventured into the clothing market. The new layette sets for babies under 12 months of age are both functional and irresistibly modern.

As with other Boon products, the new clothing pieces also feature some innovative ideas aimed to make mom and dad's lives a little easier. For instance, you can quickly attach bibs and drool patches to the bodysuit using concealed fasteners. The coverall features one piece design with front waistline opening for faster diaper changing. Love that idea in theory, but must test it before I endorse it.

Since O has grown way beyond layette sets, I guess the twins will be my next test subjects! You can currently buy select styles on Amazon.com and Babies R Us.

24 April 2008

::imelda marcos::

I think our O has turned into a little Imelda. Her shoe collection is piling up. Let's hope at least one of the twins is also a girl :-) For the summer, I bought her two pairs of sandals (with more to come, I'm sure). She has a pair of orange leather sandals by See Kai Run and a pair of red leather sandals by Salt Water Sandals.

Ok, so can I just tell you how much I HATE those rugged Jesus sandals that a lot of kids are sporting?!?!?! What's up with that?! You can't possibly tell me those things are more comfortable and pliable than kid leather and rubber soles (a la SKR). They are definitely not cheaper. They're atrocious and should be abolished immediately.

The SKR sandals have the same issue as the shoes by the same brand--velcro closure. I am having a hard time keeping O's busy hands away from undoing the shoes every two seconds. The Salt Water Sandals on the other hand, have buckle closure, which makes it much more secure.

I bought both pairs of sandals from a local shop, but you can find either brand on Zappos.com or the brands' respective websites.

My friend L and I took her son S and O to the National Zoo today. While watching the tiger roam in its enclosure, O had a moment, turned to S and gave him a smooch on the lips. Cute!!!

22 April 2008

::double the pleasure::

Hello dear readers, I am back! It has been almost a month since my last post. As Architectdad reminded me earlier today, I owe you an explanation.

About two months ago, I found out I am pregnant again! As those of you who have already had a child, the first OB appointment is usually not until Week 8. During our first visit, I had some blood drawn so the lab can check my pregnancy hormone levels. The doc said he would call me the next day to discuss the results. When he called, he told me my levels are really high and that I should come in for an ultrasound immediately. Of course, that freaked us out a little bit, to say the least.

As we waited on pins and needles for the radiologist, all sorts of thoughts ran through my mind. For instance: "Am I too old to have a normal pregnancy???" As the radiologist prodded me with the internal ultrasound, I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. The next thing I heard was: "No wonder your hormone levels are so high; you have two in there!" Imagine our shock. All I kept saying was: "How is this possible?!" I found out later that fraternal twins run in my father's side of the family. Something you'd never think to ask your parents...

So...needless to say, I have been twice as exhausted and twice as nauseous. This is why I have not been able to post regularly to the blog. The twins will be born late October/early November, but hopefully I'll be able to keep up the postings until then. We had our 12-week ultrasound today (I have to get one every 4 weeks). The babies are healthy and right on track. Yay!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying lovely spring weather!!!

26 March 2008

::livie + luca::

Wow, it's been a while since my last post. O and I have been out and about enjoying the weather (albeit it's not all that much warmer). She has been walking and running everywhere, and growing like a weed. As of last week, she has outgrown all of her See Kai Run shoes. Sigh...

The good thing is, I have a terrific backup. I bought her a pair of Livie and Luca shoes (in orange!) from an Union Station kiosk a while ago. They are sized a little larger, so they fit her expanding feet quite well. To boot, the flexible rubber sole and kid leather upper are sooo soft...excellent for our "stumbler."

11 March 2008

::more shoes::

During our music class today, I saw a little girl wearing iWalk shoes by Bobux. I introduced Bobux baby shoes a while ago on this blog. The rubber-soled iWalk and iWalk Junior shoes are new products that are geared towards beginning walkers and older toddlers. The soft leather shoes have cushioned insole and velcro closures. One caution regarding velcro--it is easy for the toddler to take off the shoe by him/herself. If you can keep the little hands from playing with the hook-and-closure mechanism, the shoes will stay on the feet with no problem.

Bobux is a little pricey when compared to Pediped or See Kai Run shoes. We'll have to test them out once O has outgrown her SKRs.

07 March 2008

::touchy feely::

Miss O is very interested in touching and feeling things with her fingers these days. Sometimes the item finds its way into her mouth; but more often than not, she is happy with holding it in her hands.

For her birthday, our friends J & B gave her a couple of books from the Touch and Feel series of children's books published by Dorling Kindersley (DK). O adores them. So like any overly indulgent parent, I promptly went to the book superstore for the rest of the series.

Each boardbook is made up of five pages. Each page has a touch-and-feel patch of a distinct texture and/or color. Some are fuzzy, some are scaly and some are shiny. O loves to touch and scratch the various textures with her fingers. She also enjoys looking at the pictures associated with each texture--albeit the graphics maybe a little simple and not very exciting to us adults.

If your son/daughter is around the same age as O (14 months), he/she may find these books irresistible as well.

28 February 2008

::forget about it::

I just started reading a local parenting online forum regularly. It opened my eyes to a variety of parenting topics and diverging points of view. It has also reminded me to respect everyone's parenting style.

I'm a stickler when it comes to sleep schedule. For us, a regular sleep schedule has worked out extremely well. However, to others, it may seem a little too rigid. That's ok. Different strokes for different folks!

Personally, I cringe every time I see a school-aged child (5+) being pushed around in a stroller by a parent. I used to think: " OMG, that is ridiculous! That child should get up and walk!" The truth is, I don't know the specific circumstances, so I shouldn't judge. Dirty looks are just as bad as if you were to verbalize your dismay directly to another parent. Maybe worse.

Certainly, if you are an unfortunate witness to child abuse or neglect, it is your duty to report such incidents to the governing authorities. Otherwise, forget about it! Not everyone has the same priorities....be kind to your fellow parents...

Just my two cents...

26 February 2008

::cuddley toys::

My friend V taught me this trick a while ago: stock up on O's favorite stuffed toy. Our boy beagle, Z (who by the way competed again Uno's dad in his show-boy days...and lost of course), loves stuffed toys. He loves them so much that he can put a ginormous hole in one in under 1 minute. Especially ones that smell like O.

Instead of worrying all the time about Mr. Z and his nasty habit, I bought multiple "beagle" stuffed toys by Douglas Cuddle Toy. Appropriate, right?! Douglas offers several dog breeds as well as other species, in various sizes. I found the 9" Kohair model to be the best option for us. The plush Kohair material is soft yet completely machine washable and even tumble-dried. The medium size is perfect for little O's hands. I always keep one attached to the stroller, using a secure-a-toy strap. I keep the rest in her crib for her naps and nightime. O loves her plush beagles so much she gives them "kisses" by giving them love bites on the muzzle :-) She also just started calling them by name...PUPPY...very original.

With O's current fascination with fish (or as she calls them "p-ish"), we might need to stock up on the Lady Moorish Idol Fish!

21 February 2008

::run, forrest, run::

Now that O has mastered the "drunken walk", it's time for her to wear some real shoes. There are obviously tons of options out there, but there are very few brands which offer comfort AND style.

See Kai Run shoes for toddlers and kids are amazing! The designs are contemporary yet appropriate for young children. More importantly, these leather shoes (with pliable rubber soles) are extremely flexible and comfortable--perfect for beginning walkers.

I purchased O's new SKR shoes from Baby Boat. This online store has a wide selection of SKR shoes. They even have shoes from past seasons on sale in many sizes. Be sure to check out the new Sprint/Summer 08 line. Too much cuteness for words!

Baby Boat will ship the shoes to you free of charge. You can even return/exchange without a restocking fee. You can also choose USPS Priority (2 days), USPS Express (1 day) or UPS as your delievery method for a small fee.

15 February 2008

::elegant maternity::

I just visited my friend T. He and his wife are having a baby in August/September! Congratulations! And in honor of his beautiful wife, I'd like revisit my favorite maternity designer.

Isabella Oliver--a company orginating from the UK--offers simple, elegant maternity wear for those of us who refuse to look like giant circus tents. My favorite piece from my pregnancy is the wrap around top. It can be dressed up with trousers or dressed down with a pair of jeans. Best of all, it can be worn through out the pregnancy--there is enough wrap fabric to take you to the nineth+ month. In fact, they have designed their maternity wear in line with your pre-pregnancy/normal clothing size. No need to guess your "pregnancy" size. Since most pieces have a bit of stretch in it anyway, your comfort is ensured. Also, most IO fabrics are machine washable, which is great because it means you only need to buy some strategic pieces that you can wash over and over.

I bought my IO pieces online. If you place your order before 10AM, your package will be shipped to you the same day. I recommend FedEx as the delivery method, since it only costs $5 more than standard shipping (which could take up to 2 weeks to arrive). The clothes arrived in a beautifully wrapped package the next day. How awesome is that?!

12 February 2008

::he ain't nothin' but a hound dawg::

Not true. Uno , the 15" beagle, is this year's Best-In-Show winner at Westminster Kennel Club!!! Ch. K-Run's Park Me in First is the first beagle
BIS winner at the prestigious show...ever. Arrrooo!!!

Big 'congratulations' to Aaron Wilkerson--the best beagle handler...ever.

Mona, Fanta + Renzo are so proud to see such a tremendous win by one of their own. Hooray for Numero Uno!