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28 November 2011

:: bad day | washington dc children's photographer ::

My poor littlest one had a bad day today -- early wake-up call from her twin brother, super abbreviated nap and broccoli (gasp!) for dinner...accompanied by a heaping helping of wHiNiNg, ScReAmInG and MeLtDoWnS somewhere in between. The poor thing was toast by 6:00 PM. Here's hoping for the return of my princess tomorrow:

26 November 2011

:: a girl and her horse | washington dc children's photographer ::

I love the holiday season -- it reminds me how much I love and appreciate my family. During the rest of the year, everyone rushes around and barely has time to see one another, never mind spending quality time together. Whether it's catching up in person, or chatting over Skype or Facetime, I hope you and yours spent a lovely long weekend together!

O just recently started horseback riding lessons. We've tried ballet and soccer on and off, but this is the ONLY class in which she is truly interested. She is so happy to be there that she giggles non-stop. At the same time, she takes it very seriously -- this healthy respect is obviously important because she is working around very LARGE, and potentially very fast animals. I am so touched, every time, by her focus and earnest...and most of all, her joy. Here are some shots of her with one of her favorite horses, Jackson. Jackson is a gentle and patient ooold man -- he is about 32 years of age, quite unusual for horses.

Trying out a different BW conversion here:

15 November 2011

:: princess party | washington dc special events photographer ::

Princess L was born one day before C1 + C2 at the same hospital. Her mom and I even visited each other after and before birth (respectively) at the hospital - she definitely had the more difficult trek :-)

Happy birthday sweet princess (pictured here in fusia pink :-)! Here are some shots of noble fun at her lovingly planned 3rd birthday party:

07 November 2011

:: three | washington dc children's portrait photographer ::

In the midst of a super busy fall season, C1 & C2 turned three years old. They have grown from cuddly babies to lovable clowns who make us laugh everyday with their silly words and antics. Happy happy birthday, my not-so-little-ones...I feel beyond lucky to have you in my life.

Here are some shots of them enjoying a birthday treat at Sprinkles Cupcakes: